Invited Speakers

  •  Markov and semi-Markov Processes, Applications  


- Patrice BERTAIL (MODAL'X, Univ. Paris Nanterre, and CREST)
"Concentration inequalities for Markov chains with statistical applications"
joint work with François PORTIER (Telecom ParisTech)

- Hervé CARDOT (IMB, Univ. de Bourgogne)
"Estimating finite mixtures of semi-Markov chains: an application to the segmentation of temporal sensory data"
joint work with Guillaume LECUELLE, Pascal SCHLICH and Michel VISALLI (CSGA, Dijon)

- Guglielmo D'AMICO (Univ. G. D'Annunzio of Chieti-Pescara)
"Financial volumes and their relation with returns and durations: a semi-Markov approach"
joint work with Filippo PETRONI (Univ. of Cagliari)

"A new algorithm for identifying words in biological sequences"
joint work with Nikolaos LIMNIOS (LMAC,UTC)

- Ghislaine GAYRAUD (LMAC, UTC, and CREST)
Hypothesis testing and posterior concentration rates in semi-Markov models"
joint work with Vlad Stefan BARBU (LMRS, Univ. de Rouen Normandie), Nikolaos LIMNIOS (LMAC, UTC) and Eirini VOTSI (LMM, Univ. du Mans)

- Andreas MAKRIDES (LMRS, Univ. de Rouen Normandie)
"A general class of distributions with time varying parameters: applications in reliability and survival analysis"
joint work with Vlad Stefan BARBU (LMRS, Univ. de Rouen Normandie) and Alexandros KARAGRIGORIOU (Univ. of the Aegean)

- Valentin PATILEA (ENSAI Rennes and CREST)

"Inference with conditional moment equations in the presence of censoring: application to cure models"
joint work with Kevin BURKE (Univ. of Limerick)

- Brigitte VALLÉE (GREYC, Univ. de Caen Normandie)
"Precise probabilistic analysis of sorting and searching algorithms on words"

- Nicolas VERGNE (LMRS, Univ. de Rouen Normandie)
"Drifting Markov and semi-Markov models: modeling, estimation and applications"
joint work with Vlad Stefan BARBU (LMRS, Univ. de Rouen Normandie)

- Eirini VOTSI (LMM, Univ. du Mans)
"Reliability indicators for semi-Markov models with applications in wind energy production and mechanics", joint work with Alexandre BROUSTE (LMM, Univ. du Mans), Mohamed HAMDAOUI (LEM3, Univ. de Lorraine)

  • Autoregressive Processes

"Statistical topics on empirical processes" 

- Serguei PERGAMENCHTCHIKOV (LMRS, Univ. de Rouen Normandie)
"Sequential model selection method for nonparametric autoregression"
joint work with Ouerdia ARKOUN (Sup'Biotech & LMRS, Univ. de Rouen Normandie) and Jean-Yves BRUA (LMRS, Univ. de Rouen Normandie)

- Rachid SENOUSSI (INRA, Avignon)
"On connections between discrete and continuous time autoregressive processes"
joint work with Valérie GIRARDIN (LMNO, Univ. de Caen Normandie)

- Victor KONEV (Tomsk State University)
"Sequential estimates of autoregressive parameters with Gaussian non-asymptotic distribution"

  • Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes (PDMP)

-Romain AZAÏS (INRIA, Lyon)
"Estimation of the average number of continuous crossings for non-stationary non-diffusion processes"
joint work with Alexandre GENADOT (INRIA CQFD, Univ. de Bordeaux), Anne GÉGOUT-PETIT (IECL and INRIA BIGS, Univ. de Lorraine) and Florine GRECIET (SAFRAN, INRIA)

- Eva LÖCHERBACH (SAMM, Univ. Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne)
"Stability of non-linear Hawkes processes with memory kernels given by Erlang kernels"
joint work with Aline DUARTE (Universidade de São Paulo) and Guilherme OST (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)

- Florent MALRIEU (Univ. de Tours, Institut Denis Poisson) 
"Long time behavior of some switched PDMPs"

  • Entropies, Divergences

- Michel BRONIATOWSKI (LPSM, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie)
"Divergences between probability distributions, characterizations and statistical criteria"

- Alexandros KARAGRIGORIOU (Univ. Aegean, Grèce)
Large public lecture: "The use of divergence measures in statistics, survival analysis and reliability

-Philippe REGNAULT (LMR, Université de Reims Champagne-Ardennes)
"Closed form expressions for rescaled entropy rates of ergodic Markov chains"
joint work with Valérie Girardin (LMNO, Univ. de Caen Normandie), Loick Lhote (GREYC, Univ. de Caen Normandie)

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